Un + Une – An French Romantic Comedy

A 2015 french romantic comedy, directed by Claude Lelouch.

The movie starts in India when a thief robs a jewelry store. In his way to freedom, he hits with the car a beautiful young Bollywood dancer. Desperate that she could die, he comes back for her and takes her to the hospital. Even he tries to escape, the police catch him and take him to jail. While he is at the jail, the dancer comes to visit the thief that saved her life and they begin a beautiful love story.

Inspired by their story, a famous film director decides to make a movie called Juliet and Romeo. For the soundtrack of the movie, he calls for a well-known film composer, named Antoine Abeilard.

The composer is a well know womanizer but at the same time, he is in a relationship with a beautiful young pianist.
He decides to accept and goes to India at the invitation of the Indian film director. At the welcome dinner, he meets the french ambassador and his wife, a beautiful mature spiritual woman.

The first night he gets a surprise when someone is knocking on his door. He discovers that Anna, the ambassador’s wife comes crying to him, telling him she doesn’t have where to sleep because the jealous ambassador kicked her out from the house. The ambassador thought that Anna has a soft spot for Antoine.

While he was at the studio, recording, he has some awful headaches. He tells the director about his headache and he takes him to the doctor. Unfortunately, he finds out that he is in the danger to have a stroke.

While he has a conversation with Anna, he finds out that she will leave in a spiritual fertility journey, to meet the “hugging saint” Amma, so she can remain pregnant. Afraid of his headaches and what may happen, he decides to join her and meet the healer together.

The things get more complicated when Anna fells for Antoine.

Antonie’s girlfriend, Alice, comes in India and she is picked up from the airport by the ambassador, that pretends for a while that he is only a driver.

Coming back from Amma the attraction intensifies between Antoine and Anna and they end up in bed together.
At their coming back the ambassador and Alice sniff that something happened between them. Anna crushes and she admits the infidelity. Antoine stands up from the table and leaves.

Upset and hurt, Alice goes to visit Amma and the ambassador remains alone at the table.

But will Anna’s burning desire come true? Will Antonie get ride of his terrible headaches and be able to fly again?
It is an interesting movie about life, about the most significantly wishes for most of us, to be loved and to have your own family. What will you be able to do to achieve these goals?


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