Tips And Tricks For Using Android More Effectively

The initial most important thing is to get the phone updated to the new version of Android to enjoy all latest features. The procedure to get the mobile updated is simple and requires opening settings under which there is an option called about the phone or about the device. A person needs to click on it to arrive at the option system updates and now from here finally one can reach the last step that is updated or check for update. Hence by clicking on this option the phone can be updated as of now to Nougat or Oreo.

Android is considered as the world’s best platform for mobile devices. World’s leading mobile brands be it Samsung, LG, HTC or Sony all have oven heartedly invited android as their platform for their phones or tablets or any such devices. 

One might not be aware of the wonders Android can do. Hence it is important to do some searches and create a list of the tricks and tips that can be applied to the devices to get more benefits out of it. Here is where upgrading to the latest version of Android comes into play because some of the older version will not support the tips. And some of the below-mentioned steps may differ with a different phone.

  • To access notifications or settings one needs to swipe one finger on the mobile screen starting from the top of the screen towards the button. In case of any number of setting options user should utilize two of their fingers to swipe the screen.
  • The Android phone provides its user with the facility to capture screenshots of any screen present on the phone at any particular time. This proves to be helpful when trying to capture some important notice, picture or document or anything without having to enter options or search for it later. This can be done by pressing together the power and down volume button present on the side of the phone simultaneously. As soon as this procedure is followed there is a sound of the camera click and the screen goes white capturing the image of the screen and storing it automatically in the gallery in a folder generally named screenshot. Some particular models even have functionality on the side of the phone to slide and capture screen.
  • There is a feature with the help of which parents can regulate their children’s activities making sure they do not operate something not meant for them.

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