Perfect Movie For This Summer “Good Kids”

A movie for this summer, it’s the best name for this film. This movie is destined to teenagers who are finishing highschool or in the first years of college because that’s what it’s about.

Four teenagers who are finishing highschool and are searching for party, this nerdy teenagers being played by: Nicholas Braun as Andy, Zoey Deutch as Nora, Mateo Arias as Lionel or The Lion and Israel Broussard as Spice.

The idea of the movie is how a group of nerds is finishing highschool and they realizes that they were never invited to one in four years. The movie starts with them as childs and how they refused to go and play with a group for learning, something you notice they are doing as teenagers too when they dislike the group who party all the time. That until Lionel is invited to a party and brings whole group with him, thing that is new for everyone. In this group they were recognized as cool guys and everyone is happy about this.

At the moment when they were invited, they make a pact for saying yes to everything, fact who makes them drift for new things as sex, drugs and alcohol, but not for Spice, he want to be normal but have a night with a girl in this summer.

Andy is working as a tennis couch who starts to fuck with ladies who came for tennis lessons and they want something fresh, Nora who wants a boyfriend and goes to a man who has 30 years and Lionel who start taking drugs and teach martial arts to the new group.

This comedy is perfect for teenagers and old people who remember how they were in highschool and also for couples.

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