A Bad Moms Christmas – Great Christmas Comedy

It a 2017 Christmas Comedy, written and directed by Jon Lucas and Scott Moore. The movie is the continuation of the comedy “Bad Moms”. Our main characters are Amy, Jessie, and Ruth, but let’s not forget their mothers, interpreted by Christine Baranski, Cheryl Hines, and Susan Sarandon.

Our sweet Amy seems to have everything she wanted, a loving boyfriend and three beautiful kids. Everyone was looking forward to Christmas when Amy receives a text from her mom, Ruth, letting her know that she will be visiting her for Christmas.

Second, we have Kiki, the mother of four kids. Still overwhelmed by the situation, but now with a helpful husband. She was waiting for her mom for Christmas, but surprise… she makes her appearance three days earlier.

The third one will be Carla. She receives a surprising visit from her mother, Isis, a heavy gambler. She lies to her daughter that she came for Christmas to spend more time with her and her grandson, but actually, she wanted to borrow some money.

Tired and fed up with her mother’s grasping behavior, Amy decides to take the whole family to Sky Zone, where she meets with the rest of the girls and has a lot of fun. But, surprise, also their mothers get to know each other and although they are different types of women, they manage to get along until the end.

Feeling alone and sad, Carla has the best Christmas gift ever. She meets Ty, while she was at work. He is an exotic dancer and he invites her to his show. Carla’s mom is putting a show also, and she manages to ruin Carla’s and Ty night. Unfortunately, they can’t go to date anymore and our Carla remains again sad and alone.

Back to Kiki, she receives a big hit, when her mother surprises her by telling her that she bought the house next door and she will be with her every day and every minute of her life. Overwhelmed by the news, she asks her mother to give her some space, because she feels suffocated by her. Sandy leaves sad and decides to go to the church where she meets Ruth.

After troughing a party at her daughter’s house without her consent and invites many strangers, Amy burst in flame and troughs everyone out along with her mother.

While Sandy is trying to initiate a discussion with Ruth, the third mom makes her appearance to church. They begin to fight and they start to accuse one another of being a bad mom.

Feeling upset and with remorse, Amy goes after her mom into the church and tries to reconcile with her.

Will her mother forgives her for throwing her out? Will the other two moms learn something from the experience?
It is a nice and easy movie to watch for a Christmas night. It makes you remember what is more important in our life, and that is our family and friends.

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